Network weather station and dangers!

Baidu algorithm adjustments in the industry caused a lot of stir in the near future, however, regardless of the search engine changes, its core essence is the same, that is the user experience, only by service users, is the essence of search engines exist. Similarly, as a webmaster, we have to provide something of value to the user, rather than catering to search engines ' temper, not to our eyes always fixed on the search engines. If on any given day, our website can really get rid of the search engine, the site is successful.
but you can see from this large-scale algorithm to adjust Baidu search engine algorithm for the new chain has been put on the agenda, and set to work. As webmasters we, and how to deal with Baidu's big adjustment? several hands of the writer's own Web site for a summary, for optimizing the Web site a reference for webmasters to help friends.
, Baidu algorithm to adjust to maintain equanimity
Baidu adjustment, maintain a good state of mind, is not an easy task, many webmasters site overnight after the chain, some webmaster forums exploded, many of the ants, I do not know how to be good. Hard links all of a sudden collapse, indeed we all grieved for a long time. However, since Baidu not on individual stations outside the chain, then do not worry, this suggests that Baidu is updating algorithm, we must maintain a sense of normalcy, don't try so hard, but every day well done, continue to watch, waiting for Baidu algorithm process is completed, all about the cloud. Sure enough, the next day, the site outside the chain began to come back, so this sudden adjustment of algorithms, do not worry lit, and meditation should be observed and treated to maintain equanimity.
II, quality is King
of the chain Baidu is the adjustment of the main sorts of rubbish outside the chain, and most of the forums the chain effect has been minimal, so quality is King of the chain. As we all know, the Internet is flooded with spam links, unqualified links to search engines to crawl cause great trouble, and site ranking without links, so Baidu has to address this issue are in a dilemma, but the algorithm of the chain after adjustment, only high quality links is the timeless way of website development. Get high quality links can no longer rely on Forum signatures that low-level work, soft links would be a good development in the future, and the quality will be very high, soft, after all, is a kind of original, published to some high ranking Web sites allow search engines to determine the effect of link, and the Web site a better ranking. Moreover, the links must not be excessive, but to balance quality and quantity, as well as extensive links to control, not so much from a link to a Web site, but does not link to a different website.
three, and content of height original is website invincible of cornerstone
website content still is Baidu most attention of factors, no quality of website content is not has good of ranking, from Baidu algorithm adjustment Hou, we more can see this is, regardless of you of outside chain how, content must to height original, and too much of pseudo original even is copy content, will let website weight serious reduced, and we webmaster on had to consider how for content of created has. Therefore, some survive by collecting websites have not much development in the future, originality is the most timeless. What about how the content is highly original? source material is a lot of, such as question-and-answer platform related issues, can be summed up some of the questions and answers series article, or see other people to write some articles, to extract the core ideas, write, these are all original material. Relatively speaking, are good at technical webmaster, writing is a nuisance, but to develop and exercise their writing skills are a must, I do not ask you how beautiful the writing skills, just write it, wrote it, retain users, this website is the magic weapon for winning.
four, final optimization to do brand
throughout the Web site ranked better sites are generally branded website, the advantages of this site will be more and more evident. Small webmaster opportunities now than it was a few years ago, website optimization had to consider how to establish brand website, an industry benchmark and brand websites in the future go farther on the road of development and magnanimous. Brand of concept, may many webmaster and no consider, we most only know through search engine pulled flow, then cheap sold these flow, like advertising Union, received poor of click advertising costs, this way in at this stage has not for has, to consider of is how put these flow into himself of customer, through sold himself of service or technology money, and not earned less of poor of Union of money. Has to consider is the question of the brands and branding must be itself from a Web site, network effects to go step by step, the ultimate goal of optimization is to set up a website, this is the cause, rather than earn a little money.

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