Low-income owners money must accomplish three do not

Website, make money online, how many people depressed, how many people are happy, some webmasters earn big bucks with some AdSense cash-strapped, unable to stop, helpless, is the make money online world ice fire days. This article written for no money, or earn a bit of money and want to make more money, but individual owners in the blind friends, let everybody out of a common man "vicious circle", and share with friends, peers, earlier to achieve their dreams.
1. don't blind Shang project
here main is those no network knowledge of new webmaster friends, many when is listening to others introduced, or see has shouldn't see of soft paper, then himself think himself found has a money of road, seems others of success can copy to himself body, buy domain name, buy space, money make to program, then with a series series questions began himself of venture of Brigade, I met a friends do a 200 trillion space enough of project, was rent has a Taiwan server, Is really quite speechless, later met as not updated, included reduced process problems and so on will come hard may be his in Baidu search to learn, too lazy to simply have any questions just ask someone else, knowing that some of your problems in others there may be child's play, others are too lazy to talk to you. Who came here from that stage, of course, also in order to choose a com is CN domain name deliberately into the QQ ask, finally in the Baidu search to search to selected com, now the problem is a too small pediatric problems. Advise those new owners have questions to the Baidu search, Baidu basically nothing wrong, don't just ask the pediatric problems, head of seniors do not want to waste time in little white body with no return, enthusiastic webmasters, but patient enthusiastic owners do not always have.
2. don't do too more no meaning of thinking
again determine project of when, some friends will multiple heart, consider Xia similar website of development situation, also has future development of potential and himself of can operation sex, author has deep of experience, this pieces things is a is headache of thing, always in do and not do Zhijian wandering, this thinking usually time will is long, some thinking has several months are no hands-on, some to last fundamental no to do, this project on natural abortion has.
author has had such of experience, has a time wants to do a grazing station, because heard is money, General groping has about, content to control in a range, or will squat big prison, and domain name and space must to select abroad, and most at least have VPS, and himself that part money does not willing to investment, because fear voted in has back not to, main is fear relinquished, also has English pass but, in abroad buy a domain name at most also make do, but VPS domestic of are didn't touch had, more without abroad has, In huge of future temptation and himself of capacity Zhijian tangled has is long time, last completely discourage has this idea, also is honest of do station good, do has now of this Weifang used cars network because I is do place station started of, on this familiar and has experience, has must of grasp degrees, psychological bottom, this main is for those has several website play with, wants to attempts to other direction of webmaster friends of.
in this problem author has a approach, dang you consider a project of when, with pen implementation down, this project now also has development space no, then future potential how, wants to earned to how many money must development to a what of scale, himself of capacity can do, in investment Shang have so more of funds willing to input, with several hours thinking, last obtained a conclusion, through on do, not through on don't to wants to has. As a condition of these conditions themselves are not up to, no matter how tempting this project yourself, you can't do anything.
3. don't waste your time, how do
time is really very important for the owners, if a webmaster and he has a lot of free time, or he is a has been successfully achieved a grades have a steady income of webmaster, or just a lazy, undisciplined freedom make money webmaster. After getting up around the Forum, laggards, chinaz, A5, and so on before wandering down, and then look at the news, check out the video, after reading it, and then to the forums and see what, or read my post from someone replies, webmasters are really like that.
Forum is good, Baidu know also is good, in website operation process in the encountered problem in here sent about, will was to help himself, this really of is good, if is boring of sent post that is tragedy, now many webmaster utility sex too strong, hanging Shang accounted for, with received money, to know a website content is most important of, promotion is is important of, legend in the of SEO is to established in content of based on of, or God horse are is cloud. If you not only want to earn AdSense money, that this really is a waste of time, but you can do better. Author in this problem Shang is such solution of, daily to himself set a basic of work, because website must to update, each website update how many himself provides good, daily up Hou first put such work finished zhihou, again do other, do not finished other what are not dry, here said about I is full vocational webmaster, if second days has out business words, I will put must do of work left to night to do, such do insisted a time Hou, most people will habits of, and also will get of Baidu friendly of returns, Even if you don't understand the cloud-like SEO,  , however, the stones, chastened, we live and learn. Success lies in hard work!