Doing make money online on new, dedicated, and diverse

Making money online ventures, all day and night, promotion optimization, dissemination of information, gathered all around slower operation. After the most exhausting, was cash-strapped. Because the product popularity, no new industry, there is no unique products. To stand out, to get ahead. Here is an untended flowers, inadvertently planted Willow to make money online.
anyone in 2010, chanced upon an article written by a single author audio advertising agent, earning 5,000 yuan's article, when GOOGLE launched Chinese times, after seeing the article, that this is one of the emerging industries, development prospects should be good, after a couple of days to study the local market, decided to go into this industry and do it. I reference to dub an ad site else voice network, to tell the truth, was doing when not on this website can be sent to many high expectations just to exercise my ability to do make money online.
Web site after they were done, like other local portals to promote that spend hundreds of thousands of leaflets were printed to send around. At first, I hired a person in the labour market, giving him 60 Yuan per day, he handed out 1000 leaflets form a day, but sent a day later that they do not. Not have to personally send a, send me four days in a row, along the streets one by one the store has sent a leaflet, finally sent out 4,000 advertising. Sent finished advertising Hou on, with business door has, but one week Hou only, to a clothing supermarket boss playing to of phone, said intends to do a clothing promotions of audio advertising, he happy have fart Britain Britain to and this boss chat business, to has this clothing supermarket found boss, boss said just first understand about recording audio advertising of price and specific process, official recording also to had a time to decided. I audio advertising record specific items and the boss says, leave a call back.
the next two weeks, never received a call from a contact, some of his seat. Cannot wait to other promotional methods, like there is no business. His first thought was to do Web promotion, pay someone to do a program of long tail keywords, long tail keywords related to advertising are included, a total of more than more than 6,000 pages of long tail keywords, the program after they were done to the space, and then begin to make those long-tail keyword optimization and promotion. After 12 o'clock to the forums every day to send the chain, after more than two months of unremitting efforts, Baidu collection page for these long tail keywords and ranking well in daily traffic from search engines to have thousands.
by the traffic from the search engine, every fixed-got a few dubbing services. Also can other method to flow does? day he see understand understand wrote of by GOOGLE bidding do network earned of articles, Brainwave, can do some and dub about of bidding advertising to flow does? then just is GOOGLE advertising Union vigorously promotion of when, each new open a new of GOOGLE bidding of account will gift 500 yuan of promotion costs, he immediately to Google to open has a bidding promotion of account, to inside rushed has 200 yuan of promotion costs, plus gift of 500 Yuan a total 700 Yuan has. I manage using Google's keyword tool to select a few visits is high, flow more long tail keywords do the promotion, after a week of summing up experience and optimize these bid keyword's quality score reached 6.0 per cent. To redirect the traffic from Google has every day dozens of IP, these flows brought fixed business to the site every day.
with search engine traffic and Google bid advertisement is not enough and wanted to use QQ Group information to do the promotion. He applied for 10 different QQ number, each tools plus hundreds of QQ QQ Group, then I buy a bulk QQ software, use this software every day to send my voice these QQ groups business, but because of company restrictions, sending dozens of groups will be automatically dropped, need to restart to continue mass, in serious trouble. He gritted his teeth spent 3,000 dollars to buy a business QQ, QQ this enterprise can add 1000 friends each day, can accommodate up to 200,000 friends, the biggest benefit is that you can send to friends with links to promote information and not subject to any restriction, will not be forced offline by Tencent. I used the QQ Group of enterprises information, brings customers now than he do site promotion brings customers and Google bid. First month I buy investment returned QQ 3,000 yuan.
with the increasing volume of business, on their own a man's effort has failed to meet the needs of many customers, and he plans to recruit two staff to specialize in online consultation work. His specializes in various provinces and cities television market for high-end TV ads dubbing work, other advisory business to customer service officer to complete. This year there have been several dub of CCTV engineer to join my site, so that voice quality to the next level of my website, can make higher-end audio business. He                             People who are not satisfied with the status quo, will think of other ways to promote business, he saw a few days ago a friend mass-QQ-mail group function information, he built the QQ-mail group Server bulk Taobao website promotion information, income of more than 30,000 yuan a month, I'm going to try the QQ-mail group this new promotion.
new year, new beginning, 20,011 years will be much better than 2010. Now, he has all the emphasis placed on this website, the income has been doing more than he used to do ten refuse collection points of income. All business comes from the Web site on the network, clients are all over the country, old and many customers are repeat customers or referrals to. To be that old saying: "as long as there is perseverance, iron rod into a needle", nothing is impossible to a willing heart, all efforts!