Eight traps that alert is wary of online shopping

E-commerce, online shopping, is now in vogue, however, to shopping and she is quite the same, is not really touched on the vague concept of shopping. Social ethics and business ethics are raised to acceptable? Not too! China lacking is moral, profiteers, he was so often on the lips of a word: why online shopping is not afraid of being raped? At that time because there are so many beautiful trap, tempting trap, waiting for you to jump drill in. Fraud is already a common phenomenon in online shopping, such as the legend of Bagua, makes you confused!
a few days ago, reporters exclusively interviewed associations and consumer protection advocates have said, for all total of eight typical scam in an online shopping process, and I hope to help you online shopping.
scam: does not match the pictures and physical
[the case] last year, Ms Shen buy online mat, seen from the picture, just like supermarket, but half the price cheaper. Two days later, Ms Shen received the parcel, real talk shop posted pictures of completely different thing.
[the Court] should consult before purchasing seller, extensive knowledge of goods as far as possible, try to see the pictures.
scam two: cheap traps
[the case] years ago, Zhu of the public on the Internet seconds killing new year, 20 percent of the price to the market price spike 5 large bag of candy. When receiving, 5 packs most of the candy in the candy has gone bad, and other hard candies are also most of the softening. See date of manufacture found these candy is out of warranty.
[the Court] if a product is too low, and lower than that of similar products, is on the alert. Three
scam: credit trap
[the case] Tam saw a double Crown shop selling branded men's sweaters, although cost up to 398 Yuan/piece, he also was directed at the "Crown Inn" reputation, no comparison bought. A few days after his receipt of goods inspection, found unexpectedly high imitation goods.
[weapon] credibility cannot merely Crown, diamond sellers, because many of them brush out. You to confirm that the store credit, the trick is to see buyers commented, not only to praise, also from, bad reviews and store explained that online reputation. Four
scam: fake fake goods
[the case] the middle of last month, Lu ladies on the net, people saw a knit top. Receive tried and found, very thin fabric and size shrinks, then see, turned out to be fake.
[the Court] for the ridiculously low priced goods, best kept at a distance. In addition, some not much price difference and the Mall also do not think that is the real thing, like better a cargo, it is difficult for buyers to identify. Online shopping is the best shots, while retaining both the sale of the conversation history when, in the future human rights credentials. Find fakes, formal service department that can be directly linked to commodities.
scam: the false link
[case] Elaine in a shop buying sportswear, other said goods off the shelves, sent her a website link, let her buy through links. When you return to the real page Taobao, but found no transactions, knew that the phishing site recruit.
[weapon] online transactions through formal delivery platforms, links don't point to each other. In addition, if the seller sent you transfer files with attachments, also checking the received. Six
scam: freight trap
[case] Liu late last month took part in a "one kill t-shirt" campaign, and finally "seconds" to the prices are super cheap t shirts, but was informed by business, shipping costs 30 yuan, and general merchandise delivery fee is only 10 Yuan.
[weapon] some shop goods are priced very low, freight was highly bizarre. At this point, you have to be careful, the seller may make money by shipping.
scam: the deduction of accessories, gifts, or "split double single sale"
[the case] small a price in the Internet phase of college students only 19.5 per cent of ugg boots, she received the goods they found only one. Contact seller quickly learned, 19.5 Yuan is a price.
[the Court] must look at merchandise when shoppers buy goods description and store announcements, understand what are the gifts and accessories necessary to pay extra. Eight
scam: pay trap
[the case] some time ago, outsiders he ordered from a number of brakes, the other gave him a bank account, let him pay the back, can be delivered the next day. Because money is not big enough, Mr Wu will soon pay played in the past. But for a day, before arrival, called nor answered. After verification of the business sector, this company is entirely fake online.
online shopping, merchant illusive rhetoric, you can be prevented. We call for a sound legal system, but also called on his eyes.