Baidu quiz promotion is also to pay attention to ethics

You ask me who will be, is correct and not correct. Question and answer is not correct. Ask ourselves from a particular network to sell themselves, and produces good results is no easy task. Good question and answer will not only have sincere intentions and practical, but also skilled flexible. Good question and answer can be a word meaning terrible persuasive, especially among hospital network marketing experience, ask questions and answers answers to be very careful, how what the hospital, how about what treatment. These problems are usually to the hospital to find or just don't know much about the group. As long as there are a few people out to make a good deal. However, where the hospital is saving lives, human lives, do not exaggerate in order to rank and doing terrible things.
questions and answers marketing where good? Baidu's ranking well, 39 questions and answers health confidence stronger. Questions and answers what questions? said some unfair, questions are asked and answered, or finding someone to do a question-and-answer, or proxy IP. Answers to adopt do not immediately adopt, wait a day or two before you adopt, or arouse the suspicion of visitors on the time. Acceptance of late, those who answered, the problem is right, easy access to ranking can not easily be removed. Adopted its own set of answers for the best and not-so-obvious, not to mention it will have little practical benefit, my view is that question and answer stuff because your heart lacks authenticity, no matter how flexible, there are big and small flaws, at least there is a sense of lying. If it is a serious answer is OK, otherwise, search engines don't like it, don't believe visitors to see, at most, like some classified information make a brownie points.
in fact, from the perspective of users ' needs, we can move from a question-and-answer the question and answer session. Questions and answers what? ' question and answer session is answering other people's questions. In Baidu tieba and forums, we answer the question ID name to write, can be the entity name or product features. We provide honest information consulting service, because this information is made, there is some demand value, for those who need it will naturally click on our ID, and step by step to understand our situation, and played a promotional effect. Not only has the impression, diligent visitor will enter the hospital advertised name to search for. If it is a regional hospital, our question and answer session focused on this area, but also flexible, and can answer some questions, field, because the IP of the visitor in the field will make your Web site more broadly, could at least increase the site's IP traffic, increasing the relevance and universality, which included ranking is also a benefit.
do the question and answer session, not required, quality always important than quantity, the only way to achieve sustainable development, or even to realize once and for all in one effect. Take for instance the development of China, China is developing fast? GDP says it all. What GDP is? water big? Volume of GDP appears to be an, and, goodness knows.
answer the question, first his answer carefully, answer the truth does not only worse than the others. With a different IP, or vest to answer the same question, raising her profile, earning brownie points, and make compelling or attractive. Some might say, way too honest to do quality, inefficient, in actual fact, it is because thought wrong, inappropriate. Direction, the mindset to lead used, the quality of the first number for the secondary, tight Division, not perfunctory, not superficial, will do a good thing.
asked questions answered on this issue, is intended to promote themselves, but not libel to attack others. Any thing to have scale, the hand design hand