Overall where the Insider Secrets of cheap website

Let us first look at the construction site is cheap and expensive Web sites distinguish where? website function, the page number, time, size, design, quality, and complexity, can be seen in the website construction quality, price is not the same. Cheap reasons are summarized as follows:
first, use the General template for website.
This is the main reason website building inexpensive, root. Use of website templates to build websites, just take the time to find some similar website templates to modify fonts and pictures, in a short amount of time and building a website, this is cheap "bane".
Second, not conducting any survey plan.
to investigate the nature of customers, competitors, and make reasonable website planning, website construction scheme is obtained. Through investigation and planning, targeted plans site building, and eventually built a Web site to reflect industry characteristics, Zhang Xian in the vast network of personalities, these are professional website building process necessary. Cheap website without such a process, would have such a low price.
third, the low level of Web design.
Web site is a platform for communication interface, site without a good design, it is an embarrassment to enterprise. In website design is going to be a certain amount of time, website building inexpensive it may not work, Web site building on the important points in the design. If you are a professional website development company will hire a professional Web Designer, rather than people who use Web Editor software, of course the price will be high.
IV, high level of programming.
, Web design standards, a professional programmer will high prices. Specialty programmer I can guarantee the speed of program operation of the website, as well as stability, some programs can give website encryption to ensure Web site security, prone to viruses attack site. Can also maintain your site in the future, if it's low price website is certainly not, such so-called programmer is only modifying the code, knows what code, nor their programming, to the last building site was attacked by viruses, vulnerabilities, is aware of the loss.